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Composite rebar manufacturing

ETIZ Composite Company was created on the foundations of the Moscow Plant of Composite Materials (MZKM) whose expertise is in the development and production of composite fibreglass rebar.

But fibreglass rebar production is not the company’s only area of expertise. The product range also includes ties, fasteners and cover blocks.

All products differ in:

  • Strength, reliability and durability;
  • Relatively small weight (saving time and money in logistics);
  • Low thermal conductivity and di-electricity (does not conduct current);
  • Immunity to ultraviolet, moisture, low temperatures;
  • Aesthetics and ease of mounting.

The plant's production is 100% compliant with GOST and international ISO standards, which is confirmed by special quality certificates and laboratory test reports. These high-grade results are achieved through quality control of raw materials and the use of automated production lines. Which:

1. Excludes human factor.
2. Guarantees quality of production at every stage.
3. Reduces production costs and the price for the consumer.

We use a patented technology of moulding the ribs in the production process (Patent No. 132106). Bonding with concrete is achieved due to the special structure of these ribs - 4 rovings.

Composite rebar and concrete are compatible materials, as the coefficients of thermal expansion are identical. This basis is the best material for fibreglass rebar manufacturing: alkali-resistant fibreglass roving.

ETIZ-Composite production technology enables the manufacturing of composite rebar with a diameter of 6 to 18 mm and is equipped with a software package that provides automatic settings of equipment for the diameter that is to be produced.

Output diameter changes are set by automatic configuration of the equipment and by changing the number of rovings fed into the system.

ETIZ® composite rebar stress-strain behaviour

Indicator   GOST 31938-2012 ETIZ Composite
Maximum tensile stress, MPa Not less than 800 MPa  more than 1000
Tensile modulus, MPa Not less than 50 000 MPa more than 55 000
Compressive strength, MPa Not less than 300 MPa 340
Strength at cross section, MPa Not less than 150 MPa 190
Tensile adhesion strength with concrete, MPaNot less than 12 MPamore than 18
Reduction of tensile strength after exposure to alkaline conditions, %not more than 25%15
Tensile adhesion strength with concrete, after exposure to an alkaline medium MPaNot less than 10 MPa12,5
Produced diameters, mm5-32

Test results for 10mm diameter ETIZ rebar sample

Characteristics GOST requirements ASK-10 ETIZ Strong rebar
Maximum tensile stress, MPa not less than 800 1350
Tensile modulus, GPa not less than 50 not less than 55
Compressive strength, MPa 300 347
Diameter measured by Hydrostatic weighing Hydrostatic weighing
Strength at cross section, MPa not less than 150 187
Tensile adhesion strength with concrete, MPa 12  not less than 15
Reduction of tensile strength after exposure to alkaline conditions, % 25 not more than 15
Tensile adhesion strength with concrete, after exposure to an alkaline medium MPa not less than 10 not less than 13