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Our flagship product is a new generation of insulation vaporglass ETIZ®.

In physical and mechanical properties vaporglass is significantly different from existing soundproof and heat insulation.


Vaporglass ETIZ® is a porous solid material based on soluble glass, foaming and curing catalyst obtained by mechanically foaming in a mixer, followed by casting in the forms in which curing occurs.  

Vaporglass ETIZ® invented by Russian scientists and patented in the Russian Federation under patent number № 2455252. 

Common porous glass is a glassy material containing of about 86% of Na2SiO3 by weight. A porous glass is the result of thermal and chemical processing of a special glass composition. Heated up to 800-900 ° C the glass particles reach viscous-liquid state, the carbon is oxidized to the forms of CO and CO2 gases which foam molten glass.

Unlike conventional porous glass, vaporglass ETIZ® it is the product of foaming of water solutions of Sodium Silicate, also known as “waterglass” or “liquid glass”. Foaming of "liquid glass" solution uses eco-friendly foam concentrate, which is implemented in foam fire extinguisherы used for civil purposes, including childcare. Subsequent curing takes place at relatively low temperatures of about 27-40 ° C by evaporation of water and increasing solution viscosity.


In addition to the unique structure the vaporglass know-how is a special structure stabilizer that allows to control the chemical reaction of the foam-like state to a rigid porous structure. By the structure and characteristics vaporglass reminds durable and light eggshells, which breathes and ideally protects life indoors, from temperature fluctuations and noise.



Environment friendly insulation ETIZ® produced from natural materials (silicate lump). It is free of environmentally damaging flame retardants and gas propellants. ETIZ® plates can be recycled or used in landscaping. 


The basis material ETIZ® insulation is a silicate glass, which has a melting temperature of 1350 °C. Thus, the material is non-combustible and flame-retardant. ETIZ® plates can be used at temperatures up to +750 °С.


Due to the open-porous structure vaporglass reflects air spread sounds and absorbs shock vibration noise. The material has excellent acoustic properties: improves air soundproof of premises and sound-absorbing properties of structures, reduces the sound level in adjacent areas.


Low thermal conductivity of vaporglass (0.045 W/mK) allows to create a comfortable environment indoors, keep warm in winter and cool in hot seasons. Unlike other insulation materials joints of ETIZ plates do not form "cold joints" because the material has almost no bulk or linear expansion at change of temperature.

Chemical and biological stability

Vaporglass ETIZ® is chemically inert with regard to acids, solvents, alkalis. ETIZ® plates unsuitable as food for the insects and rodents and does not promote the growth of fungi, mold and bacteria. Moisture does not linger in the open pores of the ETIZ® material and does not arise process of decay and decomposition.

Vapor permeability

High vapor permeability allows you to easily and effectively remove vapors outside the premises and structures. Vaporglass ETIZ® - a breathing material, it has record high vapor transmission rate among the solid thermal insulators: 0.4 mg / (m•h•Pa).

Strength and resistance to deformation

Vaporglass ETIZ® has sufficient strength to supports high compressive loads without deflection or movement. It is the ideal insulation material for load bearing areas, such as, foundations, floors, walkways, terraces, podium roofs, balconies, vehicle parking. Vaporglass strength ratio is 41 kPa, which is two times higher than that of mineral wool boards. Special foam glass structure is similar in its characteristics to eggshells  – It provides high resistance to mechanical impact and lack of shrinkage during the lifetime of the material and, as a consequence, retains the original thermal insulation properties.

ETIZ® vaporglass produced in the form of plates 120 and a density of 180 kg/m3 and size  600x600 thickness from 50 to 200 mm., and delivered on pallets by 2m³

The material density of 120 kg/m³ for roof structures and attic masonry, construction of sound-absorbing construction of internal walls and ceilings of a country house and the city apartment.

The material density of 180 kg/m³ for the decoration of the facade; external and partition walls; floor above the cold basement, insulation operated roof and ceilings between the floors, attics, baths and fireplaces.

ETIZ® VAPORGLASS helps to create a comfortable environment inside the house at any time of the year, not only protecting the room from temperature fluctuations and noise, but also allows it to breathe.

A unique set of properties of porous insulation material allows the use of this material widely.