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In 2014 we sheathed outside our square log suburban house ETIZ your insulation (thickness 100 mm). For 2 years the material has shown himself perfectly: warm, dry, quiet, convenient to mount, two of our builders quickly mastered the installation technique. But the most important advantage of this material, its absolute incombustibility! 4 May 2016 in our house there was a large fire due to short-circuit wiring. The house is large, burning a long time, we extinguished its 5 machines has repeatedly tucking water from the pond, and only thanks to your ETIZU managed to localize the fire, to limit the reach of the house. According to firefighters, the house of this size does not light one, with him had to burn all of the many wooden buildings on the plot and even the house of the nearest neighbors (where small plots and houses close to each other). To everyone's surprise, at a distance of 1-2m not even hit the trees, bushes and flowers, fully intact canopy made of polycarbonate 2 m away from the burning house, and most importantly, to the house it was possible to come close, there was no heat. Amazing, extraordinary thermal insulation! Now, after a fire, the house is a skeleton of a ETIZ stored in many places the plastic siding and Burned, destroyed roof. Inside the timber is completely burned and all that was-embers and coals burned-all, as in "thermos". Thank you so much for ETIZ! If we can build a new home, be sure to buy a lot ETIZ and put it in all the walls and ceilings.

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