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ETIZ® VAPORGLASS helps to create a comfortable environment inside the house at any time of the year, not only protecting the room from temperature fluctuations and noise, but also allows it to breathe. A unique set of properties of porous insulation material allows the use of this material widely


 area of usage


Space saving.

Vaporglass ETIZ® - light and durable material, reduces the weight of the partitions and walls and, consequently, the requirements to the frame, floor and foundation structures, increase the number of floors and the useful area of the building, adding the superstructure of the upper floors of buildings. Due to thermal conductivity characteristics of ETIZ®, it reduces the required thickness of the layer and moves the inner face of the outer wall for about 30-50mm. This increases the floor area, which gives an increase in the overall design area. 


Saving installation costs.

The correct thickness of insulation can save costs both during construction and in maintenance of premises. ETIZ® plates, in comparison with mineral wool, do not require pin and anchoring to the bearing structures of the buildings. It is easy to saw and compatible with any cement mortars, cements and glues. ETIZ® plates can significantly increase the speed of installation. High precision linear dimensions allow to make installation easier, faster and save on labor costs.


Application example:


External wall insulation

Three-layer brickwork ventilated gap

Facade with a thin plaster layer


Roof insulation

Insulation pitched roof and attic


Ceiling and floor insulation


Interior wall and ceiling soundproofing


Balconies and patios insulation


Fireplaces flame retardants


Insulation of refrigerated warehouses